History of GSA-US

In the Fall Semester of 2015, a group of students of Guinean descent at Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY) founded the Guinean Students Association of Baruch College. They did so with the objective of empowering the Guinean community through both education and career development. Since its establishment, GSA chapters were started in a few CUNY colleges, namely, LaGuardia Community College, New York City College of Technology, the City College of New York and Medgar Evers College. After seeing the positive impact of GSA on its members, students from these chapters proceeded to create the Guinean students Association of the United States (GSA-US) to have a broader impact on the Guinean community.

Purpose of GSA-US

The purpose of GSA-US is to empower the Guinean community through education by

A. Career Development
  • Organizing programs that provide resources that will benefit the members of the organization and consequently the Guinean community overall.
B. Mentorship
  • Implementing programs that provide mentoring opportunities for Guinean students in the United States.
C. Academic and Professional Excellence
  • Promoting academic and professional achievements of the Guinean community.
  • Conveying the purpose of GSA-US to entities that will further the organization’s cause.

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. To whom this email concern.

    Im son of Guinea and I live and work in Houston. I would love to be in touch for those interested to think about guinea future, As most you may no. Our land is one of the wealthiest land on this earth. Still we have one of the most poor ppeople in Guinea.

    Im not a philantrophe howvere as many son of Guinea Im one of the well guiena educated. It make sad and sometime cry alone knowing my parents give me the oportunity to get high education and I can use my skill for my homeland.

    I have notice during my life in Canada, Europe anf here in US most Guinean think more about their city, village or comunity. I would love to get chace to be conected to Guinean that will think Guinea first. As long we dont get to that level of thinking our country will always lag behind other African nation. W Guinea chould be the lead in anything being decided in Africa.


    1. gsa-us

      Hi Abdourahmane,
      I hope you’re doing fine.
      I totally agreed with you about the need of mindset change for Guinean, especially we the youth.
      This is our linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/company/11348117/

      Thank you and we keep in touch there.

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